The amateur radio operators’ Facebook – more commonly known as – offers great ham radio awards. Unfortunately, there is a downside for the humble user: Not too many stations utilize the internal logbook which in turn means that it is challenging (and extremely time consuming) to gather confirmations which are required to request awards. On the other hand, ARRL Logbook of the World (LoTW) is getting more and more popular. Luckily, offers a feature to import LoTW QSL records into the logbooks. And here is how it works:

1. First we need to access the “My Logbook” section:
Accessing logbook

2. If you never created a logbook use the drop down menu and click “New Logbook…”. Create a separate logbook for every callsign used.
Creating new Logbook

3. Next, pick your main callsign from the drop down menu (shown above) and click “Settings”:
Accessing logbook settings

4. In the settings menu click the “Setup” button next to the “LoTW Access” text field:
LoTW Access setup

5. In the “Logbook of the World Access Setup” just type in your callsign (a LoTW Certificate Container File is not needed for just importing the QSL records):
LoTW Access setup callsign

6. After saving, click on “Settings” again as shown in step 3 as well.
Accessing logbook settings

7. Click “Download from LoTW”
Download from LoTW

You will be prompted to type in your LoTW password. Once done, all QSOs that you have uploaded to LoTW will be imported (including QSOs made with secondary callsigns provided that you created logbooks for those callsigns). The ones that are confirmed on LoTW will be automatically confirmed on as well. Unfortunately, there is no automated synchronization between LoTW and So, whenever there are new confirmations on LoTW go to “My Logbook” section, click “Settings” and then “Download from LoTW” to manually import the new confirmations to

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